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I want to thank all my followers, friends, family, supporters, and my motivators for all the Love you have shown.  Being a mother, working full time, building a business from scratch & still dealing with everyday life tactics is Challenging.  But when there are passion and purpose no matter how many times I feel overwhelmed a light still shines from above persuading me to reach for my dreams.  Balance and taking small productive steps is essential.  I think everyone has that moment when they want to seek something beyond the norm of what the fast and busy life brings or what I discovered as the Matrix.  That moment that you want to do more and you're tired of situations and fears holding you back.   It has been a journey, but a beautiful one, with many ups and downs, struggles, and silent victories. I am grateful for it all and knowing there is still more to uncover.  For I know the universe sends us exactly what we are ready for at the exact time we need it in our lives, and whatever is real, whatever is meant for you will be yours, you will know... Because everything in the universe will echo its name at the heart.  I could never thank you enough & I look forward to many more simple but awesome moments that I have the privilege to share with you.

Nothing But oxoxox, 

Jovianna Maytee

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