Expose Who?

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Expose Who?


Be careful & understand


Battles vs Wars

Remember what


you're really fighting

Is within deep yours

Stop coming at me


with a plastic armor

For my existence alone




your every angle wherein a split second


your fabricated life can be shattered




Disturbing your soul


For you know


The character


In your delusional heart


leaves a hidden hole


So go ahead


Play your role


For you here sending


Messages every time


You guys fight till 5 am


Just so he can end up


wishing he can escape


with me once again


Exhausted you must be


But here pretending


To have a perfect life


forging just for likes


My child you


not fooling anyone here


Even both together


can't even make half of me




Sit down with that misery


While you spoofing


devoting hours


wasting time


googling me


While I know


all your weakness


from the one


you keep defending


Don't you see


What happened


to those threats


you kept keyboarding


fingers soared


while you end up in bed


just to mourn


for all your




just died




is he that lied


trust me I've been there before


that is why you get


No replies


It wasn't worth


to hurt you more


A coward


is what you kept


while you implement


you won


in your head


Understand me for once


Why would I fight


for a boy that disrespected me


Lies, cheats and blames




me losing my integrity


While you lost all your


trust & dignity


Comparing now yourself


daily with me


while your mind


is scattered of


Many unwanted




Never me


unlike you


I never manipulated


Never came at you cuz


Once I knew the truth


You were a nonfactor to me


You already know the story


That is why all my pain


and anger went solely to him


But how you handled it


was not classy


No taste


but your time will come


for your conscious


will be your sweet reminder


glass shattered


regardless of the glue you use


it will leak again soon


sadly hating me while you


the one who continues


sleeping with the real enemy...


<TO BE CONTINUED > ~written works copyright ©️ ~Baby J 🖤

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