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Ready, Not


Oh no,

I no longer want this

I told you from the beginning

But you obviously underestimated

I will admit

I am devastated


And dealing with massive aching

But I no longer want it

Because I know you can't give me

What I deserved from the beginning

I know you didn't think I was like this

You obviously thought I was basic

You thought I wasn't about that life

You thought I was a bullshitting maverick

Got caught up when you realized

That I was worth to change, stop the games and tricks

But you are not ready

You don't even know how to fathom the meaning of unity

You don't know what is it that you really want, silly of me

You still have no idea what are your true desires

or what your soul desperately needs

So it don't matter what I'm about

Or what I have to give

Regardless you are not ready for me

So no, I no longer want this

I will not do a repeat

I will get over you

Get rid of these foolish feelings that shouldn't be inside of me

Cuz you are blind to see the passion that I have within me

Because you not ready to take care of me

You are still figuring out who you are

To even think about what you can do for me

I understand that now, I can't even be upset

You don't even know what life is really about

The value of a true companionship

And how another soul can bring you true genuine happiness

So no matter what I say or do

Or how much I desire to be with you

I comprehend now,

somehow will accept it now,

and not be naïve no longer

That you are simply not ready

to be truly loved by a woman

extraordinary as me.

Who was ready and willing to commit to everything.


*written works copyright © Baby J

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