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Sometimes I lose it

Sometimes I find my way

Sometimes I can understand

Sometimes I can't comprehend

Sometimes I feel it

Sometimes I numb myself

Sometimes I seek

While other times

I just shut down.



Sometimes I get it

Sometimes I don't

Sometimes I am so sure

Most of the of time I am not so

But in Time,

I just learn to endure



how Time is not bonded nor secure.



Sometimes I stay still

Though Time still goes on

Sometimes I just froze

Let Time expose

But many times

I just want so much more

Cause our Time here is so short.



Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I lose hope

Sometimes I feel drained


Times of enemies

inside my thoughts


I just drown

Most of the time in my own words

Sometimes I can't breathe,

times I'm just battling a

brutal silent storm.



Sometimes I question

Even on times

When I know the answer

Sometimes I feel elevated

Other times I feel so stuck in chapters

Time seems to slow down

But is usually when you want it to go fast

Sometimes I wish I can turn around

Other times I just breakdown

thinking of my past.



But In Time,

Somehow get back up

Just temporary frowns...

Times I admit...


I really don't even know-how.



Sometimes I want to hit rewind

Sometimes I just want to pause

Sometimes I want to forward

But Time still needs to play its course

Even when you don't agree with the results,

No matter what you try to force

Time has no remorse.



Sometimes I see

Sometimes I just won't

Sometimes my head is clear

But my heart blinds even when it shows

Sometimes I miss

Most time I want to stop

Sometimes I wish

Times somehow,

blocks itself out

Sometimes I feel angry

Sometimes I have empathy

Sometimes I am selfish

I know.


You lose your identity

But only...

to remind yourself is best

to humble your soul

The only way now to WIN

to get back your sanity

Time suddenly stole.



Time is given,

Don't know why

Challenges that is so unfair


Time seems

to never compromise


Too many times leaving you with

turmoil & confusion stuck inside.



Sometimes I seek purpose

To justify the pain,

But sometimes

I just

want to seek




These crucial Times I hesitate

Cuz, I understand

It's better

to let

Time heals

In Time learn to Let go...

While other times

I just pretend I'm okay

And convince me

One day it WILL all make sense.



Sometimes I feel empty

Most of the time I push away

Sometimes I feel alone

While I won't let anyone in

For what,

I rather,

Just stay safe in my zone

A place that I feel good on my own.



Sometimes things align

At times we catch it in Time


Most of the time we don't realize it

Until Time makes us see

Eventually comprehend,

How Timing is

literally everything.



Sometimes we are able to grasp,

These times we can enjoy it with Hope


can somehow see the worth

Flourish, enlightenment with fury


At times picture the perfect ending

Just like a meaningful wonderful movie

With enthusiasm and much glory.




Time always reminds you

How easily it can deport

Time testifies every day how

Joy is meant to live only for a brief-term

So don't ever get too comfortable,

Painful Times,

Happy Times

Switches More Times

Then we tend to want

Which somehow becomes the norm.



Sometimes I feel full

Sometimes is just bullshit fed

Sometimes I see my path

Sometimes I fear the end

But Time is not

Given to each of us

in a full glass ever again

Time is limited

So, we can't take it for vain.



Sometimes I feel so lost

Sometimes I want to scream

Sometimes I know that

My silence cry is better unseen.

There were Times

I have seen good

At Times good within

But most of the Time

It was definitely short-lived

Those Time I would stand

Longer if I could

But Sometimes

We just tend to meet

In the wrong Timing



In Time,



Things just don't work out

So, its then when

Times you desire,

seems to cruelly run out.



Time is a gift

That we carry with every day



We just don't realize


how much we end up wasting each day.

Time tells,

How and who we spend it with

It just proves how much we value it

Or is just conscious


feeling obligated

Only in Time

We might understand

who, what and why


how all of it supposed to work out

a long time from now.




At times I walk in pace


Tough Times I want to run

Most of the Time I don't know-how

Times seems to catch us off guard

In the least Time, you want

There are times I just go with the flow

Knowing how energy

works and how much I still need to grow.




Like today

I wish for a different result

So, I try to be mindful of how much

Time do I really have


Grasp what's important

Cuz I'm not naive...

Time is just a stopwatch


Life is just a battery

here on earth built as a clock factory.



So, the question really is

Am I using my time wisely?

Reflecting on


Pictured as a noble gallery.

《To Be Continued 》


*Written works copyright © 𝓛𝓪 𝓤𝓷𝓲𝓬𝓪 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂 𝓙. 🖤

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