6 Self-Care tips & Why I created a wellness group.

When I started the journey of my self-care and putting my wellness a priority, doing things such as going to the gym and/or doing spa days here and there was very rejuvenating. However, what I have realized as I started to look more in-depth because of health challenges I started experiencing, I have come to terms that I was not being consistent. Like most of my friends and family, I get excited to get my nails done and going to the beach just to be sun-kissed changes my whole mood for the rest of the day or even the week. I understood with all the life chaos and the norm of responsibilities is so easy to fall into the trap of putting myself last on my list.

Life is filled with so many challenges and with constant pressure on us, especially women, mothers, and/or wives to keep up with chores, is not a mystery to lose your balance in your personal lives with work schedules. Learning to juggle a long list of daily tasks is hard to see in end-of-life accomplishments. Every morning many of us wake up with a sense of dread because of the inevitable stress we will have to endure, but if you shift your perspective a bit, you will see that every day is another opportunity to change our lives. Every new day brings a chance to witness and see the light shining through the clouds after all. Maybe we go through hardships in life to fully appreciate the beauty surrounding us every day. So we have to stay strong and keep maintaining as we enjoy each day as given. Because...

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations " Zig Ziglar

So below are the 6 tips of self-care that I discovered and what I am trying to implement with like-minded women as we learn and grow together by supporting and motiving each other along the way.

1. Emotional Se