Five social media healthy habits and what you need to stay away from.

So since the transition of staying at home has been implemented, I noticed how much more time I have been on Social Media. Which by the way seems like a good way to wind down and see what is everyone up to since everyone has more time, so why not. I had implemented a schedule when I browse and post for several blogs I have which has worked out wonders. Last year I ended up burnt out since I was trying to do too much and it became so overwhelming. So overwhelmed that I had lost my motive why I started my first blog in the first place. So at the end of 2019, I made a crucial decision to eliminate some things and projects that I felt no longer served my purpose. Since then I decided to go into 2020 with a more simple but effective approach, the first 2 months I finally was able to see the difference in how much more I was getting done by doing less and I finally felt confident I was on the right path into my long term goals.

But of course, it is easy to fall back into the habit of consuming myself with more unhealthy habits that I knew would end up losing focus on my purpose to have social media platforms in the first place. We all know by now that social media can take a huge toll on our mental well being if we let it and all have felt in one way or another the effects since we were slowly introduced to the virtual social world since the faded but popular site called my space.

Sometimes depending on our circumstances and our motives, you don't always know what it means to have healthy social media habits. Social media is so ingrained in our daily lives now more than ever due to the national pandemic that that social media seems the only way we can be social. However, after the popular Netflix show "You" is only when so many people starting to realize how easily people with the wrong intentions can find so much about you by the easy access to our lives if we are one of "those" that need to post everything we do, think, and go. I think that show was well written and provided a wake-up call to many that may have changed their views of what and how much they share on the media. Which is good thing?

So for me to get back to reality and not fall into these unhealthy ways of thinking I found these following tips to be useful whether you are using social media for recreation or business purposes. I truly believe these tips had helped me so far to stay sane and humble in the virtual reality we live in where there is a thin line of what is actually real vs the persona (most) portrays. So it&