Four tips on how to Face and Overcome your fears.

I was once asked, do you make your decisions based out of fear?

At first, I didn't even understand the question and didn't even think about it until then.

Suddenly discovered that up to that point I have unintentionally let my fears impact my decisions personally as well as professionally. When I started my research on self-awareness I discovered different types of fears, which I had no idea that my own traumas and experiences stopped me from doing so much in life.

So when I made the choice in 2017 to start all over, I wanted to change everything, and I mean everything so I may live a satisfying life. I no longer wanted excuses to be in the way. So as I embrace my quest that was motivated after a near-death experience. And not to mention being in the very low-frequency mental state; is when I identified this disease that controlled my life on so many levels. But the most difficult part is being real with yourself and face all types of diversity along the way, that's' when motives will be tested for sure.

I knew I have always wanted to create a space to share the knowledge that I have gained that helped me personally to perceive the opportunity to inspire others. Although I'm not a psychology major I am still in school called Life, and this course is a very personal one, but I will admit my daughter is a huge factor. I refuse to create a persona that my life is perfect to satisfy my ego because I am very aware that life is a journey, not a destination.

It is important to clarify that this route of self-healing is much deeper than seeking admiration. This is my commitment to heal and restore relationships with those that I care for the most. I accomplished to face the fears of ridicule for exposing the truth about my past so I may create a better version of myself. And although I once was afraid of not being good e