10 reasons why Evernote App is an awesome digital file cabinet, right on your fingertips.

Okay, so I moved across the states and now what?

With so many things and millions of scattered thoughts going through my mind, it brings me peace to have discovered this wonderful app called Evernote. Where I can be at ease that I have all my important documents right at my fingertips in this difficult transition.

I have used Evernote for a long time now, but I remember many times before where I am at the doctor's office or doing important errands and I forgot the paperwork at home and now I have to make a second trip. Yes, that ughh feeling that we all go thru as a mother when we are dealing with life challenges trying to get it together. So regardless of how many times we try to be organized, we all have that one moment where we are like "darn I forgot the paperwork." So with all life chaos, we need to deal with, especially on multi-task mode, this app is a serious lifesaver.