211, where you may find resources that can assist you during a challenging hardship.

Cry a little, exfoliate a little, take a deep breath, and yes THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

That moment when I wiped my tears and remind myself that this is a new opportunity a new beginning. And although it is so scary to start all over and anxiety keeps coming back, I needed to get up.

I did it, I did it. I moved away, so far away to another whole different location that no one knows me. Where I can finally do all that I have been wanting to do, and no more looking out the window or looking back to make sure no one is following me.

A fresh air and a culture shock, south is different, so now what? Where do I start? Where do I call? Where do I even begin? Those are the questions that keep going in circle once I realize I need to sweep up all the pieces on the floor and place them back together.

Like a puzzle, one at a time...

First thing I remember a place where I once worked myself. Where I was able to help many people, especially woman with children in desperation having a panic attack trying to get help. So BOOM! I remember and the game change. Place that victim, feeling sorry for myself and why it had to turn this way sorry feeling in a drawer for later. I have my kids and they need me, so I had no time, had to put my big girls' panties and start making moves.

The one place, where I knew it can educate me on what is available for me to start putting my life in place, one number. Similar to 911, thinking for an emergency for an agency that is for life-threatening situations, the same concept a place to find help in a critical situation.

So I called 211, an agency that many people have no idea even it exists. But is growing rapidly all over the United States. One phone call that can help us to find resources that is needed at this crucial time.