Six reasons why FamilyWall is a great way to connect with your family and friends socially online.

It has always been important for me to keep my family close to my sleeve. Undeniably, I am a very extreme private person, especially when it comes to the closest people in my life. Now, I frequently been the one that proudly plans things out ahead, especially for gatherings, events and special occasions. But most importantly, the one who keeps all the chaos in between in place. In which, somehow became a habit of always seeking for more effective ways on how deal with daily tasks, so I can juggle life, home and work without loosing all my hair.

With the world of technology, especially apps we have came across many options which has its own pros and cons, but with so many choices and many with privacy risks I find myself hesitant to download some only to end up deleting them after their ads became so annoying. And no, I am not going to add another bill, just to use something that claims to be free. No upgrade welcome here, save that change for my coffee, thank you...LOL.

With that being said, all I ever wanted is to communicate or better yet, stay connected with the right people for the right reasons. Especially the fact I have two kids that somehow I have became their personal assistant with all their projects and social life they enthusiastically grabbed onto. And, let me not forget all their necessary appointments to keep them sane mentally, spiritually and physically. Which in turn can be overwhelming and makes it difficult to balance it all. So you can see why I kept searching to find that one app that can do more than just remind me with a notification such like the calendar. I needed something where I can connect with my own family and my closest relatives and embrace their support when I am caught up in my own tangle of web and have conflicts.

So not only I was searching something to keep my life organized but be able to share those special moments with family and friends. Because I am not naive that life doesn't always go according to plan and smoothly no matter how well you try to manage your schedule. Life always has it's challenges and unfortunately friends and family can't always attend important events because of unforeseen circumstances they need to deal with. Or they just live too far and traveling is not always an option.

So remember the MySpace days, where you can get creative but basically that was about it, then came a whirl of other social platforms such as Facebook. Where at one point everyone was amazed about the ability to connect with your high school buddies, college friends and long-distance family members. Giving you the opportunity to play catch up and stay in tune with each others busy lives. The concept was phenomenal, but over time things drastically change and no one can deny that it somehow became more of a "keep up with Jones" that is rapidly leading to a mental epidemic. With such new diagnosis as social media addiction and rapid growth of mental health issues that impact us adults, so just imagine our children.

More and more people are finding themselves taking a break from it, you have at least one person on your list deactivated, which is okay, actually is great...I APPLAUD IT! We all need a break since we all realize how much time we end