14 tips I discovered to help prioritize and get goal oriented to do more in 2020 efficiently.

Mind full of thoughts is non stop for me, I wonder is it because I am a Virgo ant that is a common trait we all have. I know some thinkers, but us as they say for a Virgo it's exhausting. And now that I am older is even causing me headaches-I am just tired.

Looking back while 2020 is approaching like a speeding light, I stay reflecting on everything that I have been thru. All the changes, all the experiences and challenges and obstacles that I was able to conquer and people that came in and some I even had to let go can definitely be very refreshing and heartbreaking. Is crazy, life is very unpredictable that is fact, no doubt about it. While I am taking the initiative to place my to do lists, where is on my phone apps, my office sticky notes and notebooks I carry in my tote, the list are everywhere and non stop. Scratch five just to add ten more, ugh. But planning and getting things done efficiently is my curse and blessing at the same time. I just don't know how anyone else functions without type of daily task. The only thing is that I really need to force myself to stop and just stick to my 1-2 task to tackle a day, because I really can drive myself crazy trying to do all of them in one day. So I decided just to put all my list together and break them down to figure how to prioritize them. And not to mention, now I am working on my never ending list of 2020 goals, whether is personal goals, financial goals, wellness goals or business goals, I should add list call go insane goals, might as well.

Yes, I am very goal oriented and it can be great but someone like me that discovered to be " perfectionist" that can lead you to check into a psycho ward at times.

I have remind myself it took the most powerful seven days to create the world so why I tend to desire to accomplish it in one day. Another great way to manage my time and make the best out of it. So here are 14 tips I discovered to help me prioritize and get goal oriented to do more efficiently.