My Spiritual Journey: 7 truths I have discovered in my healing process.

Knowledge is powerful but the truth will set you free. -unknown

As I have learned and experienced in my journey of personal development we tend to just focus our attention on tips and hacks that will make us better. However, there is more to life than able to do things faster or more productive whether we implement great morning routines to lead on how to make life and work balanced. We still tend to spend our lives chasing so much that we still find ourselves burned out leaving us with a void, even in moments when we have nothing to complain about.


Above our physical, mental, and financial wellness we have a soul within to be taken care of, not to mention that is the one source that is forever while all others are just temporary.

So though spirituality awakening has become a trend, I, however, am discovering the truth. When I chose to start my healing process, it has been a huge challenge and without the knowledge and wisdom I have discovered to give me the strength to endure facing my demons, I would have not been where I am.

Never could I have taste Heaven
If I had not swallowed
Pieces of Hell first -ebn

So what is spirituality?