Recognizing 8 toxic signs you might regret ignoring later.

As I finally finish sobbing from exhaustion in my daughter's bedroom one evening, all I kept thinking is how the hell I got myself in this mess.

One thing about me is that I am slow to place both feet in whatever; whenever I make a decision. I do over-analyze and weigh my options. It's the perfectionist in me, trying to make sure it always ends up right. So yes, I gradually take my time, especially in any kind of relationship whether is romantic or just friendship. I have the need to know someone at least think I know someone before I claim them as anything above an associate. But once I do, that is it; I am in for the long hog, the good the bad and the ugly. Loyalty is what I have always considered it, even if I end up with the short stick in the end. So it took me a very long time and a lot of heartaches to understand that I need to learn to turn away faster than my heart desires. For I learned the hard way, some people are just not suppose to last forever, but instead embrace what I have learned from them.

So of course, in my journey, I had to comprehend common traits that no longer serves me. Yes, everyone has a journey and it's every single person's responsibility to discern and take control of what kind of life they want. In order for you to evolve you must surround yourself with like-minded people or else you will be stuck in what I called the wonder wheel. It's a very difficult step and sometimes it might even feel selfish, but just like Jesus said, tell me who you with and I tell you who you are.

This is a fact because I myself have started harmful habits that were toxic to other people and like they say misery loves company. I was miserable once, and the only person that can change that was myself. When I finally decided to change my atmosphere in order for me to be happy, I realized I must first let go of everything and everyone that does the exact contrary. Gradually I also distinguished toxic traits that I needed to admit and execute. Yes, I am still learning because is a growth process. And the hardest part is to decipher your mindset goal so you may be the best version of yourself. Once you realize that, its then you start to see clearly how to protect yourself and detach yourself out of those situations easier.