Spa day made easy but beneficial remedies worth sharing.

The one thing you should do for yourself this week and maybe once a week is a self-love spa day. Is so easy to get so caught up and wrapped around the normal chaotic responsibilities that end up draining us just to get up and do it all over again. But we are in desperate need of a day to rest and treat ourselves by creating a relaxing spa day at home. Yes, there are professionals available but with all the pandemic going on and all the money you can save why not add this to do in your calendar. Not only would you feel better but you can share a beautiful moment with loved ones and teach others while learning the importance of one of the ways to self-love.

So here are my tips and DIY's that I have discovered so you may indulge yourself because every girl should experience this on a regular basis. So block out your calendar and grab your favorite girls (or yourself), put some enjoyable music, and get the party started.

Below I will share my normal routine and you may choose and pick which ones work for you. And remember, even if you can't do all, the most important is to take a few hours to relax and forget the world with its chaos so you may bounce back balanced and have more energy to conquer the world.

Step one on how to have the Perfect Spa Day at home.

Getting the essentials.

You don't need to break the bank to get the items you need and you will be surprised all the things you can find as low as a dollar that you can use. So once you have the essentials then you want to set the mood. And music is my first to go while I lay all the goodies that I want to use. By setting the mood you are creating a spa atmosphere at