Ten ways to organize your kitchen that can help you get into a healthy lifestyle by planning ahead.

So as I mentioned I have been making some major changes in the way I look at food and taking into a look at a lifestyle change, not just another diet trend. So it is obvious what you think of healthy is everything that is made naturally from the earth for us living in it. So we all know how and what is healthy but how do we make its commitment to stay away from the stuff that man-made that most do not have nutritional value. I have always struggled with my weight and after my children, it became such a problem for me personally because I realized the hard way how is easy to gain weight but difficult to loose it. Then only later on to use food as a comfort due to my anxiety and depression that I have always dealt with made it even more challenging as I dealt with a thing called life.

Now, this is not about my weight anymore, this is about my health and my family's health. I want to still be here with limited complications enjoying my grandchildren and hopefully great-grandchildren. And most important I want my children to unlearn what commercials and advertisements brainwash us with so-called "good" food and learn to appreciate and create healthy habits so they may also enjoy life longevity.

So because of health issues that I am experiencing now, I have been dedicating time to look into a more beneficial lifestyle overall. And the food is definitely a very important key since that is what we need to fuel us to live life as we should. And of course, it is the new year, we still have a long way to go. In the midst of taking this month to self reflect and working on bettering ourselves most of us have definitely thought about getting physically healthier. But before we even think about hitting that gym, we need to start at your home.