Three apps that can help you get your finances together in 2021.

Someone recently asked me why do you touch on money when your blog is about wellness. Well, my response was simple, one of the biggest stress in life involves money. I myself can attest to that for I wasn’t born with a silver spoon and I am myself is like most just making enough money to survive in hope that one day I can stop tracking paydays. But in the meantime, finances are a huge factor in our wellness in my opinion especially now more than ever with all the uncertainties in this world. First thing first is to get your finances in order and I found a great budget method that made a huge differences for me in my previous blog post called "The 8 bank accounts that every family should have, (yes, for real 8)."

Now I have had been on a rollercoaster since forever with my credit and finances. Overall I have done well, for most of my adult life, my credit score has been above 750 which is how I got myself in so much debt. But life happens and I had hurdles like most people. Now, why is credit important? Well, it makes a huge difference, it impacts some employment opportunities, opportunities to finance things that you may not able to pay cash such as a car or house and also the interest rate you are given which makes a huge difference how much you really paying for the item you just agreed on in the long run. So yes credit is important and no matter how bad things have gotten or bad decisions you may have taken, the good news it can always be repaired. But most importantly it will help you to reach for goals and help you to relieve stress and worry less knowing you are finally controlling your future by monitoring and making the right steps for a brighter future.

Now here below I will share my favorites free and low-cost apps that I can testify that are user-friendly and worth looking into. Now I may not know everything but working for a financial company and volunteered in a credit repair program has its perks.

One of the biggest things that I want to emphasize that I see so saturated especially in the social media world is that YOU DON'T need to pay 100's of dollars for a month for things you can do yourself. I don't want to knock someone hustle, but why not save money while fixing it. Now I will say it does take time, just like it didn't ruin overnight it will not be fixed overnig