Three ways to make extra money online.

As a woman and a mother, there were many times when I found myself struggling living paycheck by paycheck. Even when I had someone to help me, there were times even two-income was not enough because the reality is that our simple needs to survive are becoming more expensive. To think that at one point not too long ago a cup of coffee was 5 cents now has become a normal almost $5 and yet our increase of wages has dragged its feet to keep up. In America, most have more debt than income in their household, it's a reality that many people will need to face especially going into the new year to face the consequences for the most tribulating financial year worldwide.

When I use to work for the school system and the county back up north I have learned how the federal, state, and county budgets works. And with the year almost over I can only imagine the struggles and decrease of many government programs that will come in play. The disturbing fact that so many people are brainwashed to depend on them it's alarming. So what will transition, is either be more difficult to qualify for such programs and some will just vanish completely. Only to put more families devastated and find themselves in a huge financial turmoil.

That is why I have been proactive to prepare myself to educate and discover multiple income streams. And after experimenting and learning how to make money online myself that works. I want to share all the financial opportunities that I have discovered from an amazing financial organization. At first, I was weary, with so many false promises and intellectual scammers it was important for me to see first hand if it delivered what so many other financial literacy organization claims. But with patience and guidance, I was blessed to learn legitimate ways to make money online.

I am a realist with the mindset I believe it when I can see it when it comes to money, only to comprehend now that experience is the best teacher. Also, what I have discovered that not every opportunity is the right opportunity for you, so find the right one for you depending on your abilities. But with guidance from the most high, I was lead to connect with like minded individuals that have the same purpose and intentions. Because at the end of the day either you to going to work to fulfill your dreams or you going to continue to work to fulfill someone's else dream, the choice is yours. So whether you are depending on the government or working for someone else with the uncertainty that we all are facing. It is a crucial timeline to look into more than one income, which in my opinion is necessary. So here below are 3 income streams that you should consider that are low cost but high value designed to provide the capital necessary for lucrative opportunities to get you in a better financial position.