Why, when and how to forgive? Here are four STEPS that can help you jump into your healing journey.

Growing up I have always dealt with betrayal in the most unhealthy way. Silence.

It has being my defense mechanism on how to deal with hurt and pain or even discomfort from anyone or any situation. I remember as if it was yesterday..,

When I was a teenager my grandmother slapped me across the face because she felt disrespected. In my culture and upbringing whether your parents or elders in this matter are wrong we were never allowed to talk back when we are getting screamed at or lecture as they called it. Even if we were trying to defend ourselves it was just a no. We had to chin it up and go to our room. Communication and understanding was not something that was practiced in my adolescence. So with that being said, when I spoke back on trying to defend my cousin who at the time considered as my little sister it backfired me. I was over protective and I felt she was been humiliated in front of other family members. So for defending her I was slapped and couldn't do nothing about it. I felt embarrassed and angry for a long time, for like 5 years long time.

Yes, I did the silence