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When booking your services, you are agreeing to all policies set by Mizz J. Ceo of TTP by JC Virtual Assistant is not at fault if you have failed to read and understand said policies.



Available 24/7 by APPOINTMENTS ONLY

Please allow 24 hours for a response as a new contact.



Turnaround times vary from service to service. The standard turnaround time for each a la carte service is approximately 72 business hours. Turnaround times are subject to change depending on the current workload. Please note that the turnaround time does NOT begin until you have filled out  & paid for the design form.

Expedite projects may be available but a rush fee of 25 % will be applied.



You have 24 hours to respond to each message regarding any proofs/revisions that you receive from Mizz J Ceo of TTP by JC Virtual Assistant. For each response that is later than 24 hours, your turn around time will be extended for an additional 1 business day. (Example: If I message you about a revision on Monday morning, and you don't reply until Tuesday evening, your project will now be extended an additional 1 business day later than expected.)


After 7 days of no communication, your order will be considered cancelled and forfeited with no refund issued. If you'd like to restart your services, you will have to pay the entire service price in full again with an additional $15 restart fee.



Due to the nature of the type of items that are sold, Mizz J. Ceo of TTP by JC Virtual Assistant does not provide any refunds for any services or products at any time. Wanting to use another designer or having buyer's remorse is not a suitable means for a refund. If you would like to cancel an order you have already paid for and the design process has already begun, Mizz J. Ceo of TTP by JC Virtual Assistant will not refund any of the payment already received. Please understand that in order to bring your brand to life, it requires a lot of my time. If there are any problems with your order, please do not hesitate to reach out and get in contact with us.



All designs include (2) free complimentary revisions. Any extra revisions will be an additional $10. To help lessen the chances of needing extra revisions, please be sure to be detailed when filling out your design form. Revisions are minor edits/changes to your custom designs such as a slight font change, color change, size, etc. A revision is not a brand-new design. 

Once your design(s) has been finalized and emailed over to you, there are no more revisions are edits. Please double and triple check that everything is to your liking and spelled correctly before approving your final design. All designs are deleted from my computer once they have been finalized. If you need something added or corrected, it will have to be started again from scratch and will be priced accordingly. 

All designs will be sent via email in the following formats but not excluded to in jpg, png, svg and pdf standard.


Any designs that were sent to the client for approval that were unpaid for are not to be used by the client or replicated by any means. The client may only use the design(s) that were approved of, paid for and emailed over after confirmation. Any usage or replications of any unpaid designs or design concepts by   Mizz J. Ceo TTP by JC Virtual Assistant will result in legal action.



All services must be paid in full before any work is started.


Mizz J. Ceo of TTP by JC Virtual Assistant withholds all rights to post any/all designs to our social media, website, etc. If your brand is launching in the future and not at the time your designs were completed, please reach out and let us know so we can be sure not to post until you have launched. We don't want to spoil your moment.


Terms and Conditions are due to change at any time for any reason without advanced notice.

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